The Company

DISTEXPRESS is one of the leading distributors of innovative technology products and accessories in Asia.

Over the past decade, we have forged strong relationships with hundreds of retail resellers, value-added resellers, 

chain stores and specialized stores across Asia to create a distribution network that can effectively deliver the latest brands and products to retail consumers.

We continuously invest in all our brands and build each brand to become the local market leaders. No brand is left behind.

Our focus is to build brands that will last in Asia by using our experiences, sound sales-marketing strategies and in-depth knowledge of every Asian market.

Through these brands, we deliver an assortment of products to our resellers, playing an important role in their supply chain.

DISTEXPRESS is considered as one of the most dynamic and vibrant distribution company in Asia with our 350,000 (and increasing) fans on Facebook™, consisting of Apple™ enthusiasts, editors, bloggers and even competitors !

The People

Ken CK Mark, CEO

In his role as the CEO, Ken is responsible for all functions of company and focused on strengthening DISTEXPRESS's businesses and growth in Asia Pacific. 

Back in the early days of Palm™, Handspring™ and Psion™, Ken started designing, producing and distributing compatible accessories to retail resellers in Singapore before venturing to Malaysia. Since then, Ken has established subsidiary offices across Asia Pacific and maintains a wide network of business associates in this part of the world for over 15 years.

Ken has lived in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Los Angeles, now spends most of his time in Singapore. 

John Marshall, COO

In his role as the COO, John is responsible for brand-channels development and sales-marketing strategies in Asia Pacific. 

John has been residing in Asia for the past 16 years, having worked in some of the largest companies in computer and accessories industry. John has developed in-depth knowledge for every Asian city and understands it's characteristics. In his previous appointments, John has established subsidiary offices in China, South Korea and Japan. 

John has lived in London, Los Angeles, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and now spends most of his time in Hong Kong. 

Rest of The Team

DISTEXPRESS will never be able to succeed without the contribution of all our hardworking colleagues in the various offices and departments.

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