DISTEXPRESS is a dynamic distribution and marketing company in Asia for over 18 years, specialises in products for Apple™, digital lifestyle and fitness solutions. DISTEXPRESS services customers across Asia delivering an exciting range of innovative products and market-leading brands. 


Our reputation is built around solid relationships with hundreds of resellers, value-added resellers, chain stores and specialised stores across Asia, creating an efficient distribution network that can efficiently deliver the latest brands and products to the marketplace. 


Our competencies include brand building using a multitude of marketing formats, sound sales strategies and in-depth knowledge of our local markets. We constantly provide sales and marketing consultancy to brands strategising their entry to Asia.


DISTEXPRESS loves our brands. We regularly participate in various marketing activities and utilizes different platforms for brand building and raising consumer awareness in our marketplace. Take a look at some of the marketing activities.

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About Founder & CEO Ken CK Mark


DISTEXPRESS is founded and led by Ken CK Mark who started in this industry by designing, manufacturing and distributing accessories for Palm™, Handspring™, Psion™, HP™ and Sony™. Since its founding, Ken serves as Chief Executive Officer, with responsibilities of overall strategy and focus. 


Since establishing DISTEXPRESS in Singapore, Ken went on to set up subsidiary offices across Asia to cater to the expanding markets and reseller base.

Beside managing DISTEXPRESS, Ken also manages other business ventures in the region.