DISTEXPRESS is appointed as Wellograph™ distribution partner !

We are product to announce that DISTEXPRESS is appointed as the distributor of Wellograph™ wellness sapphire watch and fitness tracker.

Wellograph™ is an activity tracker, heart rate monitor, pedometer and stopwatch in one that delivers live, insightful information about the wearer's activity through simple infographic interface.

The Wellograph™ design conceptualises a healthy heartbeat and represents it through gentle convex surfaces, the tactile sensation of a pulse pushing upward. The Heart Pumped Surface is designed into all of the high­ touched areas, such as the domed sapphire crystal, the machined aluminum side buttons, and the aluminum case back. The spherically cut part-line divides the top and the bottom watchcase, creating a two­-tone finish that enhances the thinness of the watch.

At the watch back is a Tri­-LED Heart Rate Sensor integrated into a soft spherical surface, which replicates the action of a doctor using his/her fingertip to feel a pulse. This unique hardware design allows for an accurate reading of the heart signals. By looking at heart rate information in response to activities, you can see how your fitness has changed or improved over time. The better conditioned you are, the lower your resting heart rate is.

Wellograph™ is a stand-alone product so a smartphone isn't required.

You can access all the functions right on your wrist. When you want further data interaction, Wellograph syncs effortlessly with a smartphone on a platform of your choice.

iOS, Android, Windows Phone. Wellograph love and support them all.

Wellograph™ will be available in major Apple™ premium and authorized resellers soon.

Please contact us for any inquiry and be one of the first to own a Wellograph™ !


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