In-Stores ! Tigra™ BikeCharge Dynamo !

Tigra™ BikeCharge Dynamo !

With so many apps running, your smartphone will run out of juice sooner than you think.

With the BikeCharge Dynamo, you have an ultimate solution of converting your pedaling into electric power to juice up your smartphone ! Green energy !

All-in-one design with integrated bike lights and generator, the BikeCharge Dynamo is powerful, efficient, light weight, compact, and easy to install.

It fits most spoked wheels and can charge any USB powered devices.

BikeCharge Dynamo features :

- Fits most spoked wheel (front wheel)

- Easy DIY tool-free DIY installation for quick release wheels

- Changeable flanges to fit different front hub profiles

- Fit shaft diameter up to 10mm. Optional flange kit for shaft diameter 10-15mm

- Fully charges most mobile phones with 2-3 hours's ride

- Front LED 1W with lens optics and 2 LED rear lights

- 3 lighting modes (Hi beam, Lo beam, Flash)

- Remote control switch for lighting control with battery level indication - Charges any USB powered device - Built-in 1000mAh Li-ion battery to power lights and provide steady power for charging smartphones. - 3W 5.0V DC output - 20% lighter than similar system driven by hub dynamo - IPX3 waterproof

Tigra BikeCharge Dynamo 2.jpg
Tigra BikeCharge Dynamo 1.jpg
Tigra BikeCharge Dynamo 3.jpg
Tigra BikeCharge Dynamo 4.jpg
Tigra BikeCharge Dynamo 5.jpg
Tigra BikeCharge Dynamo 4.jpg
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Available in all major bicycle-fitness and Apple retail stores !

Please contact us or your regional sales rep for any product or purchase inquiry.

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