In-Stores ! Bluelounge™ Jimi USB extension for iMac !

Bluelounge™ Jimi USB extension for iMac is IN-STORES now !

Jimi is a "J" shaped USB extension for your iMac. Never again will you have to crane and reach around to access the USB port behind your computer. Jimi makes it easy.

Exclusively designed for the iMac Slim Aluminium Unibody model (released November 2012) or later.

Bluelounge™ Jimi is suitable for iMac Slim Unibody 21.5" and 27".

Product Images :

Bluelounge Jimi USB 1.jpg
Bluelounge Jimi USB 2.jpg

Available in all major Apple retail and authorized stores !

Please contact us or your regional sales rep for any product or purchase inquiry.

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