In-Stores ! Power Support™ Air Jacket for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus !

Power Support™ Air Jacket cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are IN-STORES now !

The all new, entirely redesigned Air Jacket for iPhone 6 is a work of simple beauty.

Following the historic design strategy, the new Air Jacket is a clean, tight fitting case that hugs your new iPhone 6/6+ and protects while showing off your device. Specifically designed for Apple™, the new Air Jacket is made from an ultra-thin poly-carbonate shell with a self-healing coating to ensure that your phone stays protected and that your case maintains its original crystal clear, clean look.

This spectacular Air Jacket case totally encompasses all four sides of your new iPhone 6 to guarantee full protection for the device. As in the past, all buttons are easily accessible because of the case’s extreme thinness and because of the amazingly precise manufacturing. The single low rise corner allows the case to maintain the unique full four side protection with easy application and removal. This design also provides additional protection in the event that you drop your phone—even though we know that never happens.

Power Support™ Air Jacket is available in Clear, Smoke, Clear Matt and Rubber Black.

Product Images :

Power Support Air Jacket 1.jpg
Power Support Air Jacket 2.jpg
Power Support Air Jacket 3.jpg
Power Support Air Jacket 4.jpg

Available in all major Apple retail and authorized stores !

Please contact us or your regional sales rep for any product or purchase inquiry.

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