In-Stores ! Wahoo™ RFLKT+ Bike Computer !

Wahoo™ Blue SC (Speed and Cadence) Bike Sensor is IN-STORES now !

Wahoo BlueSC speed and cadence sensor transforms your phone into a powerful cycling computer. Using Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ technology, it tracks cycling speed, cadence, and distance which can be paired with your favorite cycling app including Cyclemeter and Strava. It's weatherproof, small with a low drag profile, and comes with a rubber band and zip tie mounts.

Dual Band Technology

Both ANT+ and BLE capabilities allow for a wireless connection to both smartphones and GPS devices.

Wireless Connection

No tangled wires on your bike to connect the bike computer to your device.

Speed Measurement

Provides accurate speed data during your ride.

Cadence Measurement

Provides accurate cadence data during your ride

Bike Mounting Option

BlueSC comes with a rubber band mount and zip tie mount.

Universal Fit

Sensors fit with most bikes and frame sizes.

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Available now in all major Apple and cycling retail stores !

Please contact us or your regional sales rep for any product or purchase inquiry.

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